No Healthy Lies


New research from Notre Dame University (August 13, 2012) indicates that people that lie have more health problems.

The 10-week study indicates that all people lie by reconstructing the truth (white lie) a minimum of 11 times each week and showed that when a person tells lies they suffer from unnecessary “self induced” stress because the body releases stress hormones which leads to higher heart rate, higher blood pressure, and reduced white blood cell count that over time take a damaging toll on the physical body.

The study indicates that “LITTLE” lies are perhaps more damaging to the human body then their cousin “BIG” lies.


(1) So What Is Lying?

According to Merriam-Webster, lying is “any fabrication known to be untrue in order to deceive for any reason.”

This includes:

  • Any Effort To Deceive (Verbal Or Non-Verbal).
  • Avoiding Answering Questions.
  • Being Dishonest.
  • Exaggerated Attempts’ At Justification.
  • Keeping Secrets.
  • Knowingly Confusing Issues.
  • Making Knowingly False Statement.
  • Making Unreliable Statements Of Fact.
  • Manipulation.
  • Misleading Impressions (Verbal Or Non-Verbal).
  • Omitting All Or Part Of The Truth.
  • Saying One Thing But Meaning Another.


“Intransitive verb”

1: to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive

2: to create a false or misleading impression


“Transitive verb”

1: to bring about by telling lies


(2) Some Common Synonyms Of The Verb “Lie” Are:

Ambiguity, Bluff, Deceit, Defamation, Dishonesty, Distortion, Exaggeration, Fable, Fabrication, Fairy tale, Fallacy, False, Falsehood, Falsification, Fib, Fiction, Fraudulence, Half-truth, Libel, Misconception, Misinforming, Misreporting, Misrepresentation, Myth, Nonsense, Perjury, Pretense, Prevarication, Slander, Untruth


(3) Some Common Antonyms For Verb “Lie” Are



(4) Links To Reports On This Study.

By Guy Lewis, Payson, Arizona, August 31, 2012


SURVEY: Fair or Unfair You Pick

Do you think rounding of meal receipts – up or down – to eliminate pennies is a reasonable policy for restaurants?

Please comment only one the these three answers:



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Thank you for taking part in this survey.

Hugs, Guy

“I may have disabilities: But I will not live disabled.”


My morning thought after prayer and meditation of August 28, 2012:

“I may have disabilities: But I will not live disabled any longer.”

I do not know how that will look or what it will take, but I am sure there are great examples for me to follow and learn from because for the few past years, my physical and emotional disabilities have controlled my life and taken so much of the joy I once had away: Directly and indirectly.

I will learn to live with them yet not allow them to control me any longer.

If you can, please help me to remember this goal for my life, in positive reinforcing ways, as I step out on this new mysterious path.

Hugs, Guy

Election Year Rant: Please forgive in advance.


Election Year Rant: Please forgive in advance.

What this country needs are less idealist party line politicians or should that be a party-lying politician.

I feel it is time that Americans elects non-any-party people to our nations government. This will be the only way the Republican and Democratic Parties will actually start hearing the people they represent and start solving the countries problems. Will not happen as long as these are our only choices: Republican or Democrat.

I am getting tired of “dirty” politics this year. For example: The Democratic Party produced a television ad purporting to show Rep Paul Ryan throwing grandma off the cliff, by opposing ObamaCare.

Now a couple of San Antonio lady doctors have responded with their own ad to counter the Democratic Party. You can see the ad produced by Drs. Jane Hughes and Kris Held at:

Only when the average American stands up at the voting booth and say’s loud and clear that enough is enough: Will positive real change happen in this country.

Hugs Guy, from Payson, Arizona, Aug. 26, 2012

“The Child Returned the Favor”

“The Child Returned the Favor”

I was born in Harlan County Kentucky: Part of the country where my ancestors made quality moonshine.  At 10 years old, I was outside with some kids and I came into the house where my parents were fighting.  I tried to pry them apart.  Dad beat me and I ran.  Some big kids found me.  We drank and smoked pot.  Reality went away.

After that experience, I sought out chemical salvation often.  I drank and drugged at every chance.  I was not a connoisseur: More like a kind-of sewer with drugs and alcohol.

When I was 17, plotting my escape from the confusing life of childhood, attending my second High School – I dropped out and joined the Navy.

At 33, my drinking and drugging had taken a complete nose-dive: Crashing out of the fantasy friendly skies. I was consuming as much as I could every day.  In late 1989, I had my annual physical and the doctor called me a walking miracle and a functioning alcoholic.  I got offended at being called an “Alcoholic.”  Then on January 27, 1990, when the chemicals had stopped making reality go way, my local bartender asked me if I wanted to keep drinking or go to a Recovery meeting.  She gave me directions to a meeting and I went.

TERRORBEWILDERMENTFRUSTRATIONDESPAIR – Those hideous Four Horsemen visited – yet again. The DT’s visited – yet again.

My Four Horsemen were like spiders in the dark crawling all over me.  Skin was clammy! Skin cold! I was shaking so grave I could not eat.  I locked myself in my office and wanted to stop the mental pain, but could not bring myself to pull the trigger.  After four days, I went to my boss and he said, “I have been expecting you”.  In two days, I was in my last treatment center.  When I arrived I was so angry, so scared, that I felt more lost in life then ever before.

My daughter was going to come to visit me at the time.  I had to call and break yet another promise to her.  Valerie did not get mad at me.  Valerie did not act sad.  All she said to me was, “That’s ok, Daddy, I love you and I am glad you are finally going to get well”.

I cried.  This was the first time that I ever heard unconditional love from anyone.

The child I gave life to returned the favor.

By Guy Lewis, Payson, Arizona: 

Fall 2010

Thank you Valerie Lewis