Water Wheel Fire Up-date:

From the Payson Roundup News

Residents of Beaver Valley cheered at a Forest Service briefing in the high school gym Monday night when they learned that no only did their homes survive a fierce, wind-whipped fire on Sunday, but they could all go home as of 9 p.m. August 31.

Residents of Whispering Pines will have to wait until Tuesday for word on their return, but at least they should have homes to return to, said Tony Sciacca, commander of some 450 firefighters gathered to contain the 771-acre blaze that came within a quarter mile of consuming both Whispering Pines and Beaver Valley Sunday.

The fire that had rampaged out of control on Sunday behaved itself on Monday, having effectively trapped itself by burning upslope on three sides of the steep slopes of Diamond Point, which looms between the two forest communities. The predicted surge in winds that had alarmed firefighters Monday morning, instead delivered mostly rain on Monday night.

Throughout the day Monday, the fire mostly smoldered, spotted and fumed largely within the limits it had created on Sunday, when it had lunged first north towards Whispering Pines then south towards Beaver Valley. It eventually chased up the sides of Diamond Point, with flames leaping 50 feet above the treetops and creating a mushroom cloud visible across Rim Country.