Biblical Trinity?

Is there a Trinity


Over the greater part of the last two years, I have been studying the concept of the “Trinity” and yet I find I am as much confused about this topic as every before.

For example, I can find cloudy supporting information in scripture for and against such a concept; However, I do not find any clear direct mention of such a concept in scripture.

Pretend that I am a ten year old: Can someone explain this concept to me and tell me in a simple but factual way, including scripture, why you believe in or against the concept of the “Trinity”?

Furthermore, please be brave enough to let me know if what you are telling me is something you actually came to believe on your own through studious hours of research or if it was something taught to you by other people.

Thank you in advance.


Personal Special Request

I have a personal special request to ask of each of my family, classmates, and friends.

Following the events of the last week and my major heart attack, I would like each of my friends to write a little something about your most positive memory of me that you have. It can be anything from something simple to outrageously funny.  If you wish, you can write about more then one event.

The reason I am asking this, is because over the last couple of years, I have been asked at least 40 times by 20+ different individuals, to write my life story and my battle with PTSD, alcohol, drugs, and life in general that others might not have to experience what I have lived through. My goal now, following my heart attack is to honor this request.

So if you can help: I would greatly appreciate all the assistance. If you are willing to do this for me, let me know and I will inbox you an email address where you can send your comments too. 

Thank you in advance and sincere hugs,


No Healthy Lies


New research from Notre Dame University (August 13, 2012) indicates that people that lie have more health problems.

The 10-week study indicates that all people lie by reconstructing the truth (white lie) a minimum of 11 times each week and showed that when a person tells lies they suffer from unnecessary “self induced” stress because the body releases stress hormones which leads to higher heart rate, higher blood pressure, and reduced white blood cell count that over time take a damaging toll on the physical body.

The study indicates that “LITTLE” lies are perhaps more damaging to the human body then their cousin “BIG” lies.


(1) So What Is Lying?

According to Merriam-Webster, lying is “any fabrication known to be untrue in order to deceive for any reason.”

This includes:

  • Any Effort To Deceive (Verbal Or Non-Verbal).
  • Avoiding Answering Questions.
  • Being Dishonest.
  • Exaggerated Attempts’ At Justification.
  • Keeping Secrets.
  • Knowingly Confusing Issues.
  • Making Knowingly False Statement.
  • Making Unreliable Statements Of Fact.
  • Manipulation.
  • Misleading Impressions (Verbal Or Non-Verbal).
  • Omitting All Or Part Of The Truth.
  • Saying One Thing But Meaning Another.


“Intransitive verb”

1: to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive

2: to create a false or misleading impression


“Transitive verb”

1: to bring about by telling lies


(2) Some Common Synonyms Of The Verb “Lie” Are:

Ambiguity, Bluff, Deceit, Defamation, Dishonesty, Distortion, Exaggeration, Fable, Fabrication, Fairy tale, Fallacy, False, Falsehood, Falsification, Fib, Fiction, Fraudulence, Half-truth, Libel, Misconception, Misinforming, Misreporting, Misrepresentation, Myth, Nonsense, Perjury, Pretense, Prevarication, Slander, Untruth


(3) Some Common Antonyms For Verb “Lie” Are



(4) Links To Reports On This Study.

By Guy Lewis, Payson, Arizona, August 31, 2012

Questions To Ask A Potential New Relationship Partner


Yes Or No Questions: (only answer yes or no)

1. Do you believe in the existence of God?

2. Are you a person that insists on getting your way?

3. Are you a person who is able to get along with others?

4. Do you believe in love?

5. Can you cook?

6. Do you forgive and forget easily?

7. Do you believe in “what goes around comes around”?

8. Have you ever felt like you are a victim of circumstance?

9. Do you believe in God’s love for you?

10. Do you have any insecurity in your life?

11. Do you cheat on taxes?

12. Will you stand by me, if I am a complete social failure?

13. Are you a good money manager?

14. Do you give people second chances?

15. Is it all right to flirt with the opposite sex while in a relationship?

16. Do you believe God?

Rating Questions: (On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best)

1. How important is a marriage commitment to you?

2. How important are material possessions to you?

3. How important are birthdays to you?

4. How important is money to you?

5. How important is social networking to you?

Fill In The Blank Questions: (one word only per blank space)

1. What is the most important thing in a relationship?  _________

2. What are the 3 most important qualities in a relationship?   _________,  _________,  and  _________

3. Which is more difficult for you?

a. To look into someone’s eyes and tell them you like them.

b. To look into someone’s eyes and tell them you don’t have feelings for them.


4. Are you a negative or positive person?  _________

5. Which is more important to you?  a. Commitment or  b. Companionship   _________

6. What are your worst 5 habits? (Worst to not as bad)

 1. _________,  2. _________,  3. _________,  4. _________, and   5. _________

7. What 5 things make you go weak in your knees?

  1. _________,  2. _________,  3. _________,  4. _________, and   5. _________

Essay Questions: (describe in detail your answer)

1. Describe the most important thing you have learned in life?

2. Describe the purpose of your life?

3. Describe how you express respect to others?

4. Describe your best childhood memory?

5. What does the saying “For better or for worst” mean to you and why?

6. If you could be someone else, who would you be and why?

7. Describe how do you express respect towards men?

8. Describe your worst childhood memory?

9. What does the saying “Until death we do part” mean to you and why?

10. Tell me any one secret about yourself you have never shared with anyone before?

11. Who is the one person who you can talk to about anything and why?

12. What was your dream when you were a child and have you fulfilled that dream?

13. What about you do you wish more people to knew and why?

14. What do you prefer stability or spontaneity and why?

15. What does the saying “In sickness and in health” mean to you and why?

16. If you could go back in time and change one thing you regret, what would it be and why?

17. What is the one characteristic that you find in a guy that makes them most attractive and why?

18. Do you believe the cup is half full or half empty and why?

19. Which adjectives would you use to honestly describe yourself and why?

20. Which genres of music do you like and why?

21. Describe the perfect Sunday?

22. What is the worst lie you’ve ever told and why did you tell it?

23. Which is your favorite place in your house and why?

24. What is the one thing you can’t live without and why?

25. What’s are your biggest 5 fears and why?

26. Describe the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen?

27. The majority of men have the same two primary needs in a relationship. Do you know what they are and if so what are they?

28. If you were given too much change at a store, describe what you would do?

29. How long after they happen are past mistakes allowed to be brought back up in a disagreement with your partner and what exceptions would there be to this rule?

30. Describe the top 3 things about me you like most?

31. What are the top 5 priories in your life listed from most important to least important and tell why they are a priority?

32. Describe how important is the keeping your word on the small things in life?

33. Is the Bible really God’s word or just writings of men and why do you believe this way?

34. Describe 1 idiosyncrasy of other people that really frustrates you?

35. Do you have a criminal record? If so, please describe in detail why?


by Guy Lewis on Saturday, August 4, 2012