Dear Loving Father, I thank You for answering my prayer and I now only ask only that You will now lead me to wherever it is that You would have me be for Your service. Please Lord, guide my path and light my way so that I do not get lost as change happens. ~ By the authority of Jesus name; Amen 


Dear Loving Father, I thank You now for everything You have done, are doing and will do in my life. I thank You for leading me through the darkness of my rebel youth, the uncertainty of my military trials, the salvation from my years of dependence on chemical peace of mind, the overwhelming effects of my medical conditions post military, for the courage building solutions and grace of my amends through life, and Father, I thank you now for leading me safely through my present struggles though I know not the outcome of my present future: I thank You. ~ By the authority of Jesus name; Amen 


Dear Father, I know You are the Great Healer and Your hand is steady in all medical concerns. I come to You today, to ask for comfort and healing to all my friends and their families that are struggling with health issues around the world. Please help each in their own need and provide them with peace within their hearts no matter the outcome. Father, I also ask that You place the words of comfort on my heart, which will aid in my friends own comfort. ~ By the authority of Jesus name; Amen 


Dear God, I love how I never know who You will place into my life to touch and touch me in some special way – When I follow Your direction I always feel blessed. Please help me to keep my heart open as You whisper words of guidance into my soul. Please help me to love everyone freely as Your Son loved and to be always open to the blessing of freely giving to others without want of return. ~ By the authority of Jesus name; Amen