Biblical Trinity?

Is there a Trinity


Over the greater part of the last two years, I have been studying the concept of the “Trinity” and yet I find I am as much confused about this topic as every before.

For example, I can find cloudy supporting information in scripture for and against such a concept; However, I do not find any clear direct mention of such a concept in scripture.

Pretend that I am a ten year old: Can someone explain this concept to me and tell me in a simple but factual way, including scripture, why you believe in or against the concept of the “Trinity”?

Furthermore, please be brave enough to let me know if what you are telling me is something you actually came to believe on your own through studious hours of research or if it was something taught to you by other people.

Thank you in advance.


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  1. well I think all of us had others teach us and use the scriptures or some other source no one ever figures things out alone, well I have not met anyone, first of it is confusing because it is false. 2 tim 3:16 says all scripture is inspired of God and benefical for teaching, …setting things straight, if something is not understandable despite all efforts (others have used to try and convince me) then it is not being set straight. oneness can mean different things, when husband and wife get married they become one flesh (not literally you can see that)matt 19:4-6 just for starters, also trintiy is taught in pagan religions too. jesus said I and the father are one, no where is the holy spirit mentioned, paul wrote that all christians should be one (in unity of thought and purpose). but really I have found that talking to others about the trinity thing is really a mute point, because it is so controversial, but also because when one focus on this they are unable to see anything else like the qualities of Jehovah (having Gods name removed from current bibles doesn’t help either) instead one would focus on the theme of the bible (which is God’s kingdom or rulership and its purpose to take over rulership over the earth and remove all wicked people all human governments and all false religion and all commercialism) ps 37 and daniel 2 matt 6:9-10 should get you started on this. concentrate on this and as you read the bible you will see for yourself who Jehovah is who jesus is what the holy spirit is and what it does and you will understand it, do you know satan has a spirit too? yet no where do they try to say he is a duality god do they?

  2. The doctrine of the Trinity (one God in three Persons) came about a few hundred years after the Resurrection to help clarify the nature of Jesus and the nature of God when several major heresies were attacking the Church. It can be stated like this:

    1. There is one God.
    2. The Father is God.
    3. The Son (Jesus) is God.
    4. The Holy Spirit is God.
    5. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are eternally distinct. (In other words, the Father doesn’t become the Son, the Son doesn’t become the Holy Spirit, and so on.)

    Actually studying this out helped me realize that I wasn’t a Christian!

  3. Guy, don’t listen to roberta4949. She is clearly confused and is supporting nonsensical (“Gods [sic] name removed from current bibles”, really?) and heretical positions. God the Holy Spirit is not an impersonal “it”!

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