“Submitting To The Mistress”

“Submitting To The Mistress”


Submit with happiness you will discover joy

in delights so new and uncensored as her living toy.


Obey her will and desire so you will be free

and you will understand a love that is all you will need.


Give her all you have to share

and she will take you into her tender care.


Worship her beauty with your soul

living for her pleasure shall be your only goal.


Submit to her as the slave you are

and know the ultimate joy by far.


Do her bidding as her slavery human prop

or fell the stinging warmth of her crop.


Lay at her feet and to each toe with tender kisses give

and in so doing your heart will be free to forever live.


Know your humble place as her puppy mute

for she is my Mistress ALCOHOL and I’m her little DRUNKEN slut.


Guy W. Lewis

November 13, 2010