Photographic Journey into the USA

In late July or early August 2014, I will start on my epic journey to photograph America.


If you know of any scenic photographic sites that I might be interested in photographing, please post your suggestions to the post on my personal Facebook page.


I will post my completed list in my Nearsighted Photographer fan page along with photos as the journey continues, for anyone who wants to follow along with the Chihuahua’s and I. Thanks and hugs


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The Sad State of American’s Church

I am sad that the physical church does not know how to trust God and not people. Maybe this is part of what Jesus was talking about when He said few would find the right path: Just a thought and not being judgmental.

Sad is the fact that people would rather believe the worst about someone than actually look at the truth about them self. Is this not the “American” way?

For example, there are not five official acts of worship to be completed out of habit each Sunday. There is only one act of worship to be completed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Furthermore, when Jesus said that people would know you are His by your love, He was never limiting love to just those that believes the way you believe. After all, did Jesus not love the Clint Eastwood in all of us: the Good, Bad, and Ugly?

Each person within the church that thinks they know the whole truth and therefore does not need to listen is ignorant of the truth.

The church needs to start worshiping God through Jesus and stop worshipping their own self-made knowledge. They need to stop worshipping the roadmap idle known as the Bible. Roadmaps do not get you to the desired destination: Taking actions from following the directions of the map gets you to the destination.

I will continue to seek truth. I will continue to worship the God who through love saved me from a tumor in my gut. I will continue to worship the God who saved me from a living chemical hell on earth. I will continue to trust in God’s grace to lead me where I should go and towards His true church.

Hugs always,


Mystical Epiphany



Have you ever had a mystical instant epiphany like experience: A sudden perception of something significant, which in and of itself is an intuitive realization of reality that is simple and yet fully striking?

In 1990, I experienced my first known instant mystical epiphany in that, without scientific reason, I knew in the primal depth of my soul that I was through with chemical peace of mind.

Tonight, while at Denny’s having oatmeal, I think I might have experienced my second instant mystical epiphany in that, without scientific reason, I do not believe I will be sucking air long enough to witness the social acceptance dance of the next failed elected replacement president of these United States.

I am at peace.

Biblical Trinity?

Is there a Trinity


Over the greater part of the last two years, I have been studying the concept of the “Trinity” and yet I find I am as much confused about this topic as every before.

For example, I can find cloudy supporting information in scripture for and against such a concept; However, I do not find any clear direct mention of such a concept in scripture.

Pretend that I am a ten year old: Can someone explain this concept to me and tell me in a simple but factual way, including scripture, why you believe in or against the concept of the “Trinity”?

Furthermore, please be brave enough to let me know if what you are telling me is something you actually came to believe on your own through studious hours of research or if it was something taught to you by other people.

Thank you in advance.