Letter: Lesson of Life

From Her:

“I need a job that will pay enough for a single person to live and pay her bills. The process works like this:

1. I find out about a job either through the Internet or a friend.

2. I apply for said job.

3. Wait.

4. Hopefully they call me for a phone interview.

5. Wait

6. Hopefully they will fly me in for an in-person interview.

7. Wait.

8. When hired, I will need a place to stay until I can get my own apartment… which I’m guessing maybe 1-2 months.

I can’t afford to move first without a job already secured.

You Rock”

Reply From Him:

Well those all seem so important but what does God want you to do? God sent people all over the world without having a job until they got to where they were going, no phone interviews, no in-person interviews, and no condo until they got to where He wanted them. Yes they were condos with canvas walls to.

Let me tell you a story. I once knew a man who was not working in California. Had been months. Funds had run out and he was living in a basement (unfurnished with a dirt floor) when a woman told him to go to where God wanted him. So this man packed up everything He owned that would fit into a 1978 Toyota Celica and drove east. He made it to Vegas and knew instantly that was not where he should be. So while running out of money fast, he turned south and drove to Arizona. Arriving in Mesa, tapped out financially, a kind couple gave him a place to stay until he could get back onto his feet. This was in November of 1995. By March of 1996 he was finally employed with a very prestigious employer in Arizona – able to pay off old debts – save some cash – and he moved to Payson in April 1997 where after 9 months was able to purchase a house with deer and elk as neighbors. A year later he was able to trade the leaky – oil burning Celica in for a Chevy S10 pickup. He continued to work at this job until November 1999 when life turned unexpectedly and he found himself pre-maturely retired for life. Continuing to do what was in front of him to do each day, he was instrumental in helping a lot of people change their destructive lives back into socially benefit lives until October 2004 when major depression was handed to him on a silver platter. The depression did not start to lift until December 2005. The old S10 continued to take this man where he needed to be for God’s service and in 2007 he was able to trade the S-10 in for a nice new shinny red Colorado named Ruby. Still under forced retirement, this man continued to do the next indicated thing in his life which allowed him to make many wonderful friends and touch the lives a many people all around the world until this very day. This man finally learned the lesson that it is not what you have in life but how you help others with what you have that really matters. During all of this time, he continued to walk each step where he understood God wanted him to walk. Though his life has never turned into a palace of gold on earth, he has never gone hungry, never been without clothing, always had something to drink and always had someone in his life less fortunate to help. This man, by the way, had skills he had learned in college, but God never saw fit for him to be employed in those fields of employment. The field of service God intended this man was to work with others, to bring smiles to others hearts, and to buy an ice cream cone at Ranger Ball games once a year for another worthy person to enjoy.

Sweet Friend, sometimes you just have to follow your heart and allow God to use you in His way – forgoing every single plan you might have for what you think you are supposed to be and do.

I love you my friend and I am here for you in what every way God allows me to be of service to you.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010: 5:42 AM