Last Minute 2010 Snow Storm Hits Arizona

This past week, starting on Wednesday, Northern Arizona was hit with a beautiful Winter Storm.

The images posted here are a sample of the ones I took on December 30, 2010:

1. At the area of the Water Wheel Fire near Beaver Valley that almost burned my home and caused my evacuation in 2009. Campers from the Phoenix area that did not put out a campfire when they left on Sunday to go back home started the fire.

2. Along Huston Mesa Road just North of Payson, Arizona that is the only access route to my home in Beaver Valley.

3. Along the Control Road north of Payson, Arizona.

The cameras I used were the one in my Droid Incredible cell phone and my Nikon D50 with 105mm lens. Do you think you can tell which image was from which camera?

It was snowing at the time the images were made.

On December 30, 2010

The Nearsighted Photographer,
Guy Lewis
Payson, Arizona

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