Attempt to Help Novice Understand PTSD

To answer everyone that keeps asking me; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a mental disorder that is caused by external conditions and causes. There are 3 classes of PTSD: Single Situational PTSD, Combat PTSD, and Complex PTSD. I have lived with my PTSD for most of my life only I did not know I even had PTSD until 1999. My PTSD is indirectly related to my military years as well as my youth. Although the direct cause of my PTSD was childhood related, my military career exacerbated my condition greatly as a criminal investigator. There is no cure for PTSD yet known. Simply put, it is flashbacks and what I call “day-mares” to the traumatic memories that re-hurt and hunt a person relentlessly day or night. A person with PTSD is hyper alert to things that trigger the PTSD episodes. These can be anything from a sound, a smell, a song, and similar situations, movies that depict similar situations, to the traumatic event in a person’s life. Because no one can control life there is no cure. What I have is known as complex PTSD. This means the event or events that caused the PTSD were prolonged events over a long period of time and were reoccurring constantly during the traumatic exposure period. For me the direct traumatic events took place over a period of 17 years. Secondary events took place following the primary ones for another 26 years. All total I was exposed to traumatic events and situations for a period of about 43 years. This is why CPTSD is so hard to completely reverse. It takes up to 10 years of therapy to reverse the effects of combat PTSD in normal cases. Combat PTSD is normal short exposure to a traumatic situation for a short duration. In all reality I will suffer from some level of my PTSD for the rest of my life. It is my PTSD that has made me choose to be a recluse in life. There is a lot of research and theories on the Internet. There is a lot of data concerning the three basic forms of PTSD on the Internet. It would be impossible for me to describe all of it here. So I ask that if you are really concerned or interested, that you do a Google search and discover all about it. Hope this helps you to understand better about PTSD.

Hugs, Guy