R.I.P. America Addendum

Just so all the people that have “attacked me with slander” to my inbox over my R.I.P. image and have called me a racist, gay basher, right winged republican tea drinker, etc… I am at best a freethinking Independent who actually looks at the issues and the ideology of each person seeking a chance seat in an elected government office: I do not follow any “Party Line or Ideology” 

Mr. Obama’s not saluting the flag is a personal choice or religious preference and not an issue with me. Mr. Obama’s skin-tone not an issue with me. I have never been right, left, top, or bottom to any political party, and I can’t drink tea.

The main issue that tick’s me off is he was the Commander in Chief when those people were killed because his White House would not let the U.S. Marines have ammunition to fight back when terrorist attacked our sovereign soil. That is called murder and no matter how his government spins it: It is still murder of fellow Americans. President Truman once said: “The Buck Stops With The President.”

Other facts, but not all of them, that lead me to my graphic were as follows:

  • America can’t get out of the “so called “W” debt by Mr. Obama imposing the largest tax on the people in US history. To reduce the US debt, the government has to stop spending and live within it’s own income like the rest of us are expected to do.
  • In his bid for the first term, Mr. Obama pledged to each and every American to fix the mess left by “W” and instead has made things worse by reducing the average American medium income by an estimated $4,300.00 per year.
  • Instead of reducing the US debt he says is all the fault of “W”, Mr. Obama has added to it to the tune of trillions of dollars that has resulted in America’s global credit rating to falter; which if not reversed will lead the country into bankruptcy.
  • Mr. Obama stated plan to reduce America’s military to ridicules levels. Has America forgotten that it is our military that has allowed each of us the freedoms we enjoy in life today?

I do not like the “Two Party System” and would prefer a “No Party System” to what has cause our mess to date. But if I were affiliated with any so called “Party” it is the “I Am Ticked Off Party.”