Heart Attack: Poem by me

On October 29th at 3:30PM I started feeling as if my little Chihuahua was sitting on my chest. No Pain. But nothing I could do would remove this feeling. For 12 hours I had this feeling.  About 3:30AM on October 30, 2012, while talking to my niece who lives in California, she is an EMT; I was informed I was having a heart attack and that I needed to get to the hospital as fast as possible. Within 45 minutes of my arrival at the Payson ER, I was in the Life Flight helicopter on my way to the Arizona Heart Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona because I was having a major heart attack and had already lost the use of 60% of my heart function. After the 25-minute flight, I was rushed into surgery where two stents were placed into the main artery feeding the left side of my heart saving my life and the remaining 40% function of my heart. In an instant my life has changed. I will never be able to do most of the things I was once able to do. I do not know how much my life has been cut short by the 23 years of drinking and drugging of my rebel youth, I do not know how much of my life has been cut short by this stress caused inflicted heart attack and my life long battle with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: That many people do not believe is real. I do not know how many days I have left.

To every person I have ever wronged in life real or believed: I ask your forgiveness.

To every person who has ever wronged me in life real or believed: I forgive you.

Hugs, Guy