Question for everyone who reads my blog:

Please respond and provide references so that your answers can be verified.

“What are the WRITTEN and UNWRITTEN laws, creeds, statues, guidelines, and traditions at the particular church you worship at for someone to visit, attend, and take part in services regularly?”



3 thoughts on “Question for everyone who reads my blog:

  1. Guy,
    I wrote a long comment but it somehow got lost in cyberspace and don’t have time to rewrite it all. Basically, if you go to “Dennis Blog” you will see “The Beginner’s Guide to the Good News of God” book posted in pdf format. Several of its chapters (especially the one on “Church,” page 51) answer your question as to how we approach your question.
    God bless! Dennis

  2. I don’t go to church anywhere right now. I let God guide me however He chooses. So I really can’t answer your question

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