Not Some Abstract Thing

I want to apologize to my readers and supporters for not posting on my Blog in a very long time: The last nine months of my life have been anything but what I had desired and hoped for.


Events have taken place, personally that touch upon all areas of my being to one degree or another. Events, like unto Los Angeles on January 17, 1994, have rocked my very “soul” foundation: Driving me to yet deeper self reflection of my heart as well as the dealing with and progressing through five completed surgeries to my ankles and legs with three or four still to come.


Life is filled with highs and lows, peeks and valleys, but nothing changes until something changes. Life is both fair and unfair.


Life just is!


My deepest hope: That of finding someone that would be there when needed most; show up, suit up, and stand by me in good as well as bad times; A hope that most marriages never find, yet something desired to be shared always: Painfully died!


Yes life just is!


Life goes on even when every fiber and ounce of my heart wants life to stop for a while: Life Goes On – Life Just Is!


In a few short weeks: Change will happen once again. Life will go on.


What I do know is simple: I still accept, I still survive, I still find the courage to change within: Bettering myself for God, family, and friends.


Life Goes On!


This is not to say that my wars will not continue – impacting – while crying out life is real.


Most people don’t even know –


Life Is Not Some Abstract Thing:


“Life Is Real”


Guy Lewis, Payson, Arizona, Monday, April 2, 2012