Deceitful Excuses

My so-called “religious” friends can’t find away around their busy lives to take a risk and be a real friend to me without judgement and fault-finding: So lets see if they will honestly answer this question.

“Why Do People In General – But Especially Family And Friends – Give Deceitful Excuses – Instead Of An Honest Amends – For Their Unacceptable Behavior And Yet Expect Everything To Be Hunky Dory Along The Road Of Happy Destiny?”

The definition of DECEIT is to: Have a tendency or disposition to lie: Not being honest: To be misleading

  • The synonyms of DECEIT are: Crooked, Fraudulent, Defrauding, Dishonest, Double-dealing, False

The definition of EXCUSE the verb is to: try and remove personal blame for wrong doing: To disregard as trivial that which is important: To justify that which is undesirable or offensive

The definition of EXCUSE the noun is to: Offer justification: Feeble Expression For failing to do something: The absence of truth

  • The synonyms of EXCUSE are: Condone, Discount, Disregard, Gloze (Over), Ignore, Overlook, Shrug Off, Whitewash

The definition of HONEST is to: Be Free from fraud or deception: To be Genuine: To be Humble: To be Reputable: To be Respectable: To be Good: To Display integrity

  • The synonyms of HONEST are: Truthful, Veracious, Upright

The definition of AMENDS is to: Make right: Correct: Repair injury: To change or modify for the better: To alter formally

  • The synonyms of AMENDS are: Ameliorate, Improve, Better, Enhance, Enrich, Help, Meliorate, Perfect, Refine, Upgrade

Sounds and looks like hypocrisy to me!


Payson AZ Aug 11, 2011