Good Bye Fake Friends

There is an old saying that I remember now: Fool me once shame on me but fool me twice shame on you!

Today is a very sad day for me – shame on me!

Today marks the return of 1972 when I, by choice, walked away from organized religion, after experiencing first hand just how deceitful, cold, callous, hurtful, and cruel religion of men can be. It was in 1972 that I went to the local church and sought help in my personal life to only face cold rejection and physical torment that has been my black curse the last 39 years.

In October 2005, I tried to give organized religion another chance – Shame on me!

I do not want any part of any organization that does not actually do what they preach that other people should do.

I do not want to be associated with any group of people that think they are better then others.

I do not want to common with any group of people that speak brotherly love with their lips yet forget that love is an action: Not words.

I do not want to alien with any group of people that shoot there wounded instead of reaching out to help and encourage.

  1. To deceive is to lie.
  2. To correct without compassion is to be vengeful.
  3. To judge without knowledge is to be a hypocrite.
  4. To put down and demoralize is to be callous.
  5. To disobey God at the expense of another is cruel religion.
  6. To gossip is murder by character assignation.
  7. To assume superiority is pure arrogance.

I heard once that when times are tough you learn who your real friends are: I now know who mine are after the last 11 days.

Today, I am returning to the God that was able to do for me what I could not do for myself: The God that loved me enough to save me from an alcohol and drug induced existence.

Sober hugs to my true friends – Good bye to all fair weather friends, Guy

Please see my posts about PTSD to help understand what is going on with me at this time before you pass judgement on me.



4 thoughts on “Good Bye Fake Friends

  1. Guy,
    I don’t know what has happened in your life over the last 11 days, but it makes me sad to know that something/someone(s) have brought you to this point. I appreciate your honesty and integrity and your desire to be what God wants you to be. May God truly bless you in the years ahead. Dennis

  2. Dennis, I am done with the lies, hypocrisy, and hurtfulness of organized religion. I am not going through this again like I had to endure in 1972. I do not need the selfish, phony and falsehood’s of people like that in my life. If this is a sin then I pray for God’s mercy and understanding and accept His judgment. I am not going to do that pain again. Sorry and Sad, Guy

  3. I’m sorry that you are experiencing this again. I have experienced it many times as well. This is why I left the Church of Christ and will NEVER return. I never knew a “Christian” church until I started going to a Catholic one. At least, I’d never been in a Mathew 25 church which, to me, is the epitome of Christ. To me, the people at my church are the closest example of Christ that I’ve been around, and I’m sure my church is a rare exception.

    To be honest, I find the best examples of Christ in Buddhist sanghas. That’s why I keep going back to them. I have never seen an unhappy, unloving, judgmental Buddhist. I have found the most love, compassion, understanding, excepting, peace, and joy around Buddhists than anywhere else.

    I took an Intro to Eastern Religion class once in college. The first day of class the profession wrote the Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount on one side of the chalk board. On the other side, she wrote basically the same thing except it was paraphrased differently. When she got done, she asked the class, “Who said this”? Most of the class said, “Jesus.” Then she pointed to the other side of the chalk board and said, “Can anyone tell me who said this?” One guy in the back row raised his hand and said, “The Buddha.” Everyone in the class turned around and looked at him, some with disgust, some with curiosity.

    The professor said, “Yes, that is correct. Can we agree that these two sermons say basically the same thing?” Some people nodded. Some were getting angry. Then she said,” Did you know that Buddha died 500 years before Christ was born?”

    And then bells went off in my head: “If Christ is the Son of God, then why didn’t God give his only begotten Son and original idea?”

    There! I said it! Blasphemy! Let the stone throwing begin.

  4. Guy,

    This is horrible news. You know legalism almost destroyed me. But God blessed me with a healthy church family now. I’ll be praying that you can heal from another round of the merry-go-round of rules and personalities and prayerfully find some type of community of believers soon.

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