Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

I went to a civilian podiatrist today and went through a two-hour compressive examination of my feet and ankles. The doctor believes that what is wrong with my feet and ankles is something called “Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome” and cannot rule out that this condition might have been caused when I severely twisted and sprained both of my ankles in Sicily in 1986.

The doctor believes that this condition is what is causing the swelling, pain, broken blood vessels and fallen arches in both of my ankles. The doctor believes the VA has unknowingly been mistreating my ankle condition for many years now, which has prolonged the pain, and condition. I have a follow-up appointment set for next Thursday to determine if surgery would repair the damage already done to both ankles.

Tarsal tunnel syndrome (TTS) refers to an entrapment of the posterior tibial nerve as it descends from the leg to the foot. This condition is extremely painful. The terminal aspect of the posterior tibia nerve (L4-S1 nerve distribution) supplies the motor function to the muscles of the foot and the sensory innervation to the bottom of the foot. Varying degrees of entrapment of this nerve may affect either motor function, sensory function or both.

The recovery period for tarsal tunnel surgery is from 3 months to 18 months.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


One thought on “Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

  1. Guy,
    Glad they found something out but am terribly sorry that you have had to suffer all this time because of a miss-diagnosis.
    Maybe now you can see some relief coming. We pray so.
    Jeff & Marilyn

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