Insignificant “Forsaken – Rejected – Discarded”

Insignificant “Forsaken – Rejected – Discarded”

  1. 1.   What was I thinking last night?
  2. 2.   Why did I think they would listen to me when people (just like them) would not listen when a man came back from the dead 1,979 years ago?
  3. 3.   Why did I think they would remove the cotton from their ears and hear the “TRUTH” about the “LIES” they blindly believed in years past?
  4. 4.   Why did I throw pearls to swine?

I woke this morning feeling very abandoned: Abandoned.

The study that took me ten months of meticulous sweat was completely and unreservedly rejected and called “legalistic” by “Modern Day Pharisees” when in reality it was the complete opposite of legalism: Biblical Truth.

Before sleep over took me last night, I revisited the past ten-month research, looking for any mistake, which corrupted the study: I found none. The conclusions exposed within the study are true: The New Testament is not a Law Book. I did not make a mistake in my edifying endeavor. The evidence is not refutable: Prima-Fascia.

But was I honestly the one rejected by the self-proclaimed pious? – Not at all! The truth was rejected. The biblical evidence was rejected.

Rejected without an independent – self-conducted (honest) study of my findings by the self-proclaimed pious.

Biblical Truth – Rejected for a man-made (untouchable) traditional policy of “Command, Example, and Necessary Inference (CENI)” which tradition and time have elevated to untouchable: Even when contextual biblical evidence clearly shows the flaws of CENI reasoning.

Why was the study discarded? Here are a few clues. 

  1. 1.   Traditions viewed as untouchable (Higher then biblical truth)
  2. 2.   Acceptance of prior man’s teachings as untouchable (Trust in people not in God)
  3. 3.   Minds “self” convinced of PERECTLY knowing ALL (Pharisees’ Thinking)
  4. 4.   Perpetual belief that God and Christ and the church are only true within “finite neat little boxes” made by FLAWED finite minds.
  5. 5.   Emotional reasoning having precedent over biblical context that refutes such reasoning.
  6. 6.   Forcing God’s “Spiritual Reality” into mankind’s “Limiting Physical Restraints” without searching the scriptures to discover truth.

Why did I think they would listen to me when they rejected the author of the truth already?

Thursday, April 21, 2011, Payson, AZ


2 thoughts on “Insignificant “Forsaken – Rejected – Discarded”

  1. This is what hurts this morning. The closed “we are right minds” of the church I tried to give a 2nd chance too. It is just like the Baptist forcing a “W” on a word the bible starts with an “S” so that it will fit what they want to believe and not what the bible really says. (see John 3:16)

  2. Hey Guy. This stinks. But on the other hand, the hearts of those you’ve been trying to persuade with the truth have been revealed. I’m praying that they drop their idols and come around. But in the meantime, I hope you can share your study with people who are more open-minded and aren’t weighed down by traditions that are choking out Christ.

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