Tilted Halo: Finite not Infinite Rigorous Honesty

Tilted Halo: Finite not Infinite Rigorous Honesty

Good morning world of Blog readers. “We Humans” seem to always put everything into little boxes. Life has taught me that God is not a box person. Life has shown me that God is way to large in my life to fit into any box made by human minds (yours or mine).

When I became a True Christian (seeking to learn God’s Will and not human interpretations), a friend told me in a private chat at the local church building, that the devil wants everyone that God has and the devil will do everything in his power to get the people that God has. He told me that the devil would use every part of my life that I am weakest in as he tries to pull me away from God. This is where I have learned (came to understand) what faith really means. Faith is not the direct opposite of fear: Faith is the opposite of doubt. Faith does not mean 100% trust: Faith is confidence! Confidence that God will always keep His word and always show me the next right thing to do.

I have spent the last 21+ years of my life following the “next indicated” path (the next RIGHT thing) that God was leading down in life (even though I did not know that He was leading me by His Spirit). I hardly ever understood where the path was leading me or why, but I always had confidence that the path was a better path for me to walk then the rocky, un-mapped, ancient trail of the prior 33+ years.

God showed me, first and continually through AA that rigorous honesty is the path He wanted me to walk in my life and to not fear evaluating myself daily to see all areas where I have been dishonest to Him, others, and myself. One lesson that was so deeply hard for me to learn in life is that “NO” other person ever poured the alcohol or dropped the drugs down my throat. It was always my choice to do this as an escape from my human realities. No other person forces me to walk against God’s Will. Only my ego, fears, desires, and selfishness forces me to do what I do not want to do and walk where I know I should not walk.

Now rigorous honesty is a very hard path for us humans to walk in life because of our peers, our ego’s, our emotions, and our past life training and experiences. However, rigorous honesty is possible for us finite humans with God’s infinite help.

I am here, always, to encourage and support everyone that has the courage to seek truth and daily evaluate where they have allowed their finite will to supersede God’s infinite Will.

I will share this with you who will read my limited continuous understanding of God’s Will and anyone with the courage to heed; the path of rigorous honesty is not easy but the rewards are unlimited. No I am not perfect at rigorous honesty – no human is.

One thing I have learned over the collective last 54+ years is that, “Rigorous honesty without compassion is actually brutality” and not “TRUE” love at all.

Hugs and love always, Guy

Payson, Arizona, April 16, 2011


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  1. Guy, thank you so much for sharing this. You are right. I have discovered much the same thing in my life. It’s just really nice to have confirmation through someone else.

  2. Very well said. Your point that truth must be administered with compassion and mercy is very important.

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