If You Are Able And Willing

If You Are Able And Willing

This Friday, the 28th of January, will be a milestone in my life: 21 years without any alcoholic drinks or illegal drug use. To some this might seem like a no brainer and yet to others it might seem impossible.

Both groups are right.

In my 54+ years on this planet, one thing I have discovered to be 100% true is that each and every one of us has our own dance with addiction. There are no people in my life that do not struggle in their own way with this issue.

Some like myself, the issue of addiction has mainly settled with alcohol or alcohol and some drugs. Others it has mainly been drugs or drugs with some alcohol. Still others have addictions with food, coffee, cigarettes, lust, money, driving fast cars, cheating on taxes, making their own rules, material satisfaction, pride, resentments, envy, blame of others, self-righteousness, educated arrogance, birth arrogance, skin color arrogance, political arrogance, and list goes on and on.

Wrong is wrong no matter what colorful paper we personally choose to wrap the explosive gift in. Sin is sin no matter how we franticly endeavor to redecorate it to our liking. We fool very few with out tireless efforts of making the truth.

I first drank at about age 10. I first used at about age 10. My last drink or use was on January 27th, 1990 when I was 32 yeas old. The simple math says that I used to escape reality for 22 years of my life. So even with the great milestone of being sober now 21 years, I have yet to balance the slate between sobriety and addiction.

Some people say that addiction of any kind is a disease. Some people say that addiction of any kind is a choice. I do not have an answer that will agree with every person’s premeditated opinion in this area. What I do know is that one in 3 or 4 people in the United Sates today have troublesome issues with addiction. That to me means what ever it is: It is an epidemic.

I am grateful that God loved me enough to open my eyes 21 years ago and allowed me to see that I did not have all the answers. I am grateful that God allowed me to see my human faults and failings. This has been the best gift of my collective life.

I am further grateful to God for allowing A.A. to lead me to Him. I am further grateful to A.A. for leading me to God.

Recovery has not ever – ever been an easy path to walk in life. It has been an up hill road laced with exotic boulders, beautiful quick sand, kitty cat clothed lion’s, beautiful thorns, and enticing prehistoric creators from hell: Many tears. Many scares. Many mistakes.

God, through A.A. and many people that actually cared about me as a person, human, worthy being (though many time times lacking complete understanding): Walked with me daily up the hill of recovery. For these few people I am eternally blessed. To these angels I say thank you from the deepest depth of my soul.

On Friday the 28th of January 2011, I will thank God for giving me a second chance at life that I richly do not deserve. I will honor Him at the 1:30 meeting of Rule 62, here in Payson, Arizona for loving me enough to take the time to open my eyes and bless me with a life so few have ever be graced. If you are able and willing, I invite you to share this time of gratitude with me in honor, respect, and love for a God that cares enough to actually change the lives of millions of people world wide: One Day at a Time.

I am thankful that God is not done with me yet.

Thank you for being a part of the magical miracle of my life.

Sober hugs,