Venting Frustration with the VA

Letter To: Veterans Administration Vocational Rehabilitation

Just thought I would share this information with you, as you set in your cozy warm home this winter, enjoying an efficient heat supply, paid for by your Federal Government benefits.

The heating replacement unit, the Veterans Administration Vocational Rehabilitation evaluator highly recommended, when she came to my home and do the home evaluation back in the fall of 2009, after the VA once again determined that they would not allow me to return to any type of gainful employment, would be very useful right now.

The best I can get my home warm right now is about 55 degrees in the living room only. The rest of the house is much colder.

Last night the temperature where I live in Beaver Valley dropped to less then 5 degrees. My water pipes are frozen in the walls and might burst because I have no way to raise the heat to slowly thaw them.

My feet and hands and legs are like popsicles and my Chihuahua is having a wonderful time trying to stay warm.

Just though I would share this wonderful news.

Have a great comfortably warm New Year.

Guy Lewis

January 1, 2011