Consider Respect

Consider Respect

Do you like me or hate me?

Do you love me or loathe me?

Do you see me as ugly or handsome?

Do you want to be friends or use me?

Do you honestly respect me?


All people deserve respect. Age, intelligence, nationality, etc… do not determine a persons worth of receiving respect. I have read about and heard that everyone deserves respect. I have read and heard that age affects a person’s comprehension of respect.

I have never read or heard that there are levels of respect or degrees of respect. Respect is just respect. You either give respect or you do not.


All people need and respond to respect:

  1. Mental Babies – Though self-centered show respect when their needs are meet: They learn to trust.
  2. Mental Toddlers – Though self-righteous need to hear “please” and “thank you”.
  3. Mental Teenagers – Though blind followers need to see the strong follow their own rules: They then will follow the fair rules themselves.
  4. Mental Adults – Need to be allowed to show their independence and hear true rewards for the work they do.


How do I view respect?

  • Acknowledge Show me in your actions and words that you value what I do for you or others. Do not ever devalue my efforts as if they are unworthy.
  • Assume Never show me by your words or actions that you believe the assumption that you are somehow above, somehow smarter, somehow holier, or somehow better then me.
  • Avoid Selfish and self-centered attitudes directed towards me.
  • Care Demonstrate honest concern.
  • Encourage There is no honesty in stealing, cheating, or lying within a relationship with me. Helpful words from the heart go a long way with securing my trust in you.
  • Fair Set mutual boundaries and abide within them.
  • Honest If you do something wrong, admit it and apologize.
  • Hug This form of touch goes the extra mile in expressing acceptance of me as a person with feelings and value.
  • Listen Give me your full attention without distraction, manipulation, harmful criticism, or destructive critique.
  • Love Only say this word to me if you feel it and show it honestly: No strings, No tricks, No lies and No manipulation attached.
  • Model Show me in your behavior the esteem you give and want in return.
  • Obey Follow the same rules you expect me to follow.
  • Polite Honor my personal and private space: Physically and emotionally.
  • Positive Don’t embarrass, insult, or make fun of me. Honest compliments go a long way and cover many faults.
  • Reliable Keep your word by showing me that you have the integrity to honor your promises and commitments.
  • Trust Let me make choices and take responsibility.

The Nearsighted Photographer,

Guy Lewis, Payson, Arizona: December 20, 2010