Auras: Did you see it?

Did you see the auras around five people in church tonight? I asked a small group who went to Denny’s after church. I did. It freaked me out and yet left me with a very soft feeling of serenity while watching.

I was wondering if other people saw or could see the glow, but when I asked the people that were present at church, if they saw the “bright white glow with a violet tint around five members”, they all said no and teased me about needing to see a shrink. However, I know I saw something and NO, it was not a flashback from a 1960’s acid trip either.

There were 32 people present at the worship assembly tonight, but only five had the glow. The other 27 people did not have any glow at all. I could not see myself, so I do not know if I was glowing or not. Therefore, I include myself in the not glowing category.

Now I am wondering what did I see tonight and why was I allowed to see it? I saw the same glow around Ruby Hunt, Bill Chappell, Rowena Marrs, Danny Hunt, and Robbi Kimberly.

All five were setting at different locations around the room. None were setting close to another with the glow. The florescent lighting even shown at different angles on each of the five people from the ceiling lights. The two people with the brightest glow about them were the two oldest people in the room: One a woman and one a man. Three were women and two were men.

Upon returning home, I looked up the color of Aura’s on the internet and discovered that the white glow is associated with the color of God’s Spirit and the violet color tint is said to only appear around a person who has made a true commitment to honest spirituality.

I find these definitions interesting. I am 100% sure that the 27 people that were not glowing would say that they believe 100% in the Spirit of God and are 100% committed to honest spirituality. So why were they not glowing?

Are human beliefs and reality two different things?

I cannot explain what I saw tonight. I have no answer.

Guy Lewis, Payson, Arizona; November 28, 2010


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  1. I haven’t ever seen any auras around people, but I’ve known others who have… interesting! And no, I don’t think you need to see a shrink for this one. 🙂

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