Thoughts concerning the San Antonio 2010 International Convention

Simi-Official Local News Reports:

  • As reported by the Examiner & KSAT ABC 12, the San Antonio Riverwalk was sad to see the convention end.
  • The local news also reported that area restaurants and business’ benefited from weekend with projected direct revenue estimated at $60 million in addition to an estimated $16 million in revenue for the city.
  • One local Riverwalk bar reported to the San Antonio Examiner that their average daily income was only a mere $300.00 for the weekend.
  • It is being reported by San Antonio news that the International was the most successfully stage and the largest convention ever held in San Antonio history surpassing NFL games, NBA games and notable concerts held at the Alamodome.
  • Over 90 countries carried flags in the opening ceremonies.
  • Over 4000 volunteers from around the world took part in supporting this event.
  • Rumors of attendance have ranged from the conservative estimate from GSO weeks prior to the convention of 50,000 to a few of the bus drivers estimating 80,000 with at least 10,000 attendees from the sister fellowship.
  • The city government website lists the opening day attendance at 55,000 people for the Convention Center/Alamodome. GSO has not yet released their figures for attendance at this convention.

Personal Observations:

  • Being my very first International Convention, out of my 20+ years, I was very impressed that the people from around the world, almost unanimously, expressed such heartfelt appreciation to God for their salvation from a certain chemical death.
  • I felt such a high spiritual connection with everyone I met and a kinship totally unknown in all of my other human relationships.
  • Everywhere I went people looked each other in the eyes with bright shining smiles of gratitude and hope.
  • I met wonderfully grateful people from Moscow to Beijing, New Zealand to Ireland, and Brazil to Canada.
  • The amazing gentleman, I sat next to at the opening ceremony, from Japan had 34 years of continuous sobriety and had never missed an international since he found sobriety.
  • All the local businesses were friendly, welcoming, and helpful.
  • For the most part, the food was delicious, reasonably priced and the servings were very generous.
  • One of most fascinating gifts I personally received was finding other people from places I have traveled in times past that remembered me fondly and offered invitations to return for another visit.

Most precious to me is that my soul and faith in God has reached a higher plateau of trust and assurance that God will help those who genially seek Him in their lives.

Sober hugs, Guy, Payson, Arizona, July 6, 2010


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