Is the New Testament Primarily a Law Book?

What is the purpose of and makeup of a “Law Book?”

Law books are “prima-fascia” documents containing ONLY enforced: Provisions, rules, guidelines, and explanations of enacted legislation that sole purpose is to interpret regulations for the general and specifically governing of a common group of people within society. They contain reports of cases decided by courts, commentaries on legislative procedures, rules, regulations, and clear interpretations etc… arranged for references purposes.

The purpose of a “Law Book” is to enforce and control by way of established punishments and civil constraints for individual unlawful acts committed against the general good order of society.

What is the purpose of and makeup of the “New Testament?”

The main purpose of the entire bible is to inform individuals of the nature and attributes of God and Jesus.

The main purpose and goal of the New Testament is to inform individuals of the criteria and instructions in order to receive the inheritance of adoption into God’s family known as eternal salvation.

The secondary purpose of the New Testament is to direct the work of an individual life long adoption to God through Jesus.

The third purpose of the New Testament is instruction on how to live in loving peace with all other people on a daily bases.

However, the New Testament has many sub-purposes directed at instructing people how to live their individual life and how to treat other people. It is practical for educating, identifying mistakes, and correcting them and guidance in honest moral and virtuous living, so that the individual is carefully outfitted for every good effort they strive to accomplish.

It is a historical record. The Book of Acts is a historical record of the early Church.

It is a “Self-Help” guide. The epistles that make up most of the New Testament deal both with problems faced by local congregations and issues of concern that effected the early Church at large. Today’s congregations facing difficulties can greatly benefit from the wisdom and advice on how to approach and deal with modern problems facing unique situations.

In conclusion:

The New Testament is not a book of “Law” but a book on “Life Living.” Even though it does contain some specific rules and specific instruction, it is a far reach to classify the New Testament as a law book.

The New Testament is more correctly a record of instructions and suggestions concerning life and living: From salvations specific instructions, to daily living, and for ideals on lovingly treatment to others. People who attempt to force the New Testament into only one purpose of “Law” have the wrong understanding and perspective of the many unique purposes and will therefore; miss the true and wonderful message of the New Testament altogether.

Guy Lewis
Payson, Arizona
June 18, 2010
(Background: I am a retired naval criminal investigator who was tasked with enforcing law during my career.)

One thought on “Is the New Testament Primarily a Law Book?

  1. The OT was not all law either. FAITH was a major part just as it is in the NT. Neither Jew nor Christian could be justified without it.

    I do believe the NT is a set of God given princlples for us to live by. Unfortunately, some want to make it into a system of man-made dictates.

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