Just How Important is Love Expressed?

This is interesting because the word most in the New Testament to define Jesus was compassion or compassionate.

Scripture also says that Jesus went about doing good. It does not say that Jesus only did good to the people with “cash deposited in the religious church bank.”

There are more references in scripture to show love and kindness to others then there is to deny help of those in need. To be honest I do not recall any to deny those in need.

Scripture is so very clear that we are to help others through our love and compassion.

Matthew 5:46 (New International Version) “If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that?” Jesus is telling us to love everyone not just our family, friends and fellow church members. Jesus is saying ALL people.

Matthew 22:37-40 (New International Version) “Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.” Jesus is telling us that if we love God we must love people. Jesus is also telling us that the way we show that we love God is by the way we love others and not just those we chose. See Matthew 5:46.

John 15:12 (New International Version) “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” The term “Each other” is not a restricted statement to only those we believe to be followers of Jesus.

John 15:17 (New International Version) “This is my command: Love each other.” This is a command to love all people not just those we chose.”

1 Thessalonians 4:9 (New International Version) “Now about brotherly love we do not need to write to you, for you yourselves have been taught by God to love each other.” Paul says here that it is God’s will that we love others and express that love.

1 Peter 4:8-9 (New International Version) “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling.” Peter is saying here to show love to all because it is through love that the way of repentance is found.  Peter also says that hospitality is a part of love and hospitality root means to fill needs.

James 2:16 (New International Version) “If one of you says to him, “Go, I wish you well; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about his physical needs, what good is it?” James is telling us what the love Jesus told us about in Matthew 5 and 22 looks like in and that love is a true expression of practical action. James tells us that real love is action not word.

James 4:17 (New International Version) “Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins.” Showing love, compassion, and help for others is doing good because that is exactly what Jesus went about doing according to Acts 10:38.

Galatians  6:9 (New International Version) “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Paul is telling us that when we do the good that James says is the expression of the love Jesus told us to do if we love God that is how we will reap our reward from God.

Galatians  6:10 (New International Version) “Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.” Paul continues to show the context in which he is telling us how to and whom to show good  (the expression of love for God show to everyone) when Paul tells us to help everyone (in or out of the church).

1 John  3:10 (New International Version) “This is how we know who the children of God are and who the children of the devil are: Anyone who does not do what is right is not a child of God; nor is anyone who does not love his brother.” John is not using the word brother to mean ‘church member” but in keeping with the context of Jesus, Paul, and James, he is saying everyone.  We know that showing love to everyone is good and right.

1 John  3:14 (New International Version) “We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love our brothers. Anyone who does not love remains in death.” John here tells us that if we have not learned what Jesus was saying in Matthew 22 and we do not help others as James says in 2 and Paul in Galatians 6 we are lost and remain in our sin.

1 John  3:17-18 (New International Version) “If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him? Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.” here John is saying the same thing that was said in James 2:16.

1 John 3:23 (New International Version) “And this is his command: to believe in the name of his Son, Jesus Christ, and to love one another as he commanded us.” Here John reminds us once more of the command of Jesus in Matthew 22.

1 John  4:7 (New International Version)  “Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.” John is telling us here that if we do not love others we are not really a child of God. In other wards we are not really saved because John’s words place love as a sign of a true conversion to Jesus and therefore a true baptism and repentance (Acts 2:38).

1 John  4:20 (New International Version) “If anyone says, “I love God,” yet hates his brother, he is a liar. For anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen.” John is again making a reference to what love is and how true love is expressed as commanded by Jesus in Matthew 22. A person cannot love God if they do not love the people around them. Who showed love and compassion in the Good Samaritan story: The religious of the day or the worldly sinner?

1 John  4:21 (New International Version) “And he has given us this command: Whoever loves God must also love his brother.” Another reference John is giving to Matthew 22.

3 John  1:11 (New International Version) “Dear friend, do not imitate what is evil but what is good. Anyone who does what is good is from God. Anyone who does what is evil has not seen God.” We already know from all the other scriptures listed here that Jesus, Paul, James and John all tell us that love of others is good and is what God’s will for us is. Therefore, John is telling us here that if we do not express love to ALL PEOPLE we really do not know God and are doing evil and that is sin.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010


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  1. Hi Guy,
    A line in a song that my grandkids listen to goes this way. “Words are just words until you mean what you say, and love isn’t love ’till you give it away.”

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